Artist Studio Notes

A big thanks to all the folks who write in and ask to see how i go about my work. 
I've posted my working photos, nothing posh or arty, just bleak, simple images which
i use when back in the studio to remind me of hull, rig or figurehead details
and are very useful when painting other ships of a similar period or rig.
I sketch in biro, watercolour and pencil on site and these act as my shorthand notes
to try to work out fiddly details that i'd forget back in the studio.

HMS Warrior 1860

photo taken at Hartlepool in 1986. 
Cheers to all the workforce from Warrior Preservation Trust who helped me with my painting.
She sailed down to Portsmouth for june'87 after an 8yr restoration costing £7m.
The guys up in the North East did a superb job so please visit Hartlepool
to see HMS Trincomalee and the Georgian Dockyard.
trincomalee 1
great britain 1
trincomalee 2
great britain 2
sark 1
sark 3
sark 4
unicorn 1
unicorn 2
vic 1
vic 2
vic 3
vic 5
vic 6
vic 7
vic 8
vic 9
warrior 2
vic 12
warrior 1

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